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Remote112firstaid offers a comprehensive range of training programmes that allow you to manage any first aid situation. The need for first aid can occur anywhere and at any time. It could be in the home, or in the outdoors. It can also be managed with the correct training. Training with Remote112firstaid is attaining new skills in a fun learning environment. All courses are tailored to the needs and requirement of the partricular interest groups.

  • Remote112firstaid is part of a global network of remote emergency care trainers. Courses are approved for Mountain Skills , Mountain Leader, Irish Canoe and Surfers association

  • Remote Emergency Care is about managing a casualty in the outdoors and maintaining the situation until further help arrives. Learn to utilize what you have in your kit or bag to help save a life.

Rescue work in the snow

Oct. 2, 2016

Remote112firstaid, believes that learning by doing it the best way to acquire the skills needed in the event of an emergency, At Remote112 first aid you will learn both community and outdoor first aid skills for everyday life. - For more information contact mary.mullins@gmail.com

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